Saturday, 29 October 2016

Avro Lancaster GR.3 SW336 38 Sqdn

Pictured below is a Lanc my Grandfather crewed while he was on 38 Sqdn at Luqa in Malta during the early 1950's. SW336 V "Victor" was one of 47 Lancaster's ordered from A.V.Roe at Yeadon (Leeds). And were powered by Merlin 224 engines (which were Packard built Merlin 24's). These Lancs also featured Lincoln type undercarriage, wheels and tail fins.

Avro Lancaster GR.3 SW336 of 38 Sqdn over Luqa, Malta. If you look carefully you can see the attachment for the airborne lifeboat.
SW336 was sold for scrap to British Aluminium in July, 1956. Also below I've added the log book entries which relate to SW336.

After crewing SW336, my Grandfather crewed another Lanc coded V, this time RF308, which suffered an accident while on strength with 37 Sqdn, who shared the airframe with 38 Sqdn on Luqa. Her undercarriage collapsed after she swung on take-off. 

As can be seen above. My Grandfather crewed RF308 on only one occasion before her accident. RF308 was one of 370 Lancs built by Armstrong-Whitworth. These were also powered by Merlin 224's, and featured Lincoln type tail fins. 

38 Sqdn badge and Motto Ante Lucem which means Before the Dawn
My late Grandfather 

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  1. It's great reading about the history of these marvellous aircraft and those that crewed them. Details such as those shared her bring both the aircraft and crew back alive.