Friday, 21 June 2013

Manston South East Airshow 2013 Updated 23/06/2013

The Airshow returns to Manston today after an absence of some years. I'll be taking myself along. So expect a report on the show sometime over the weekend. Ok so as promised a report about yesterdays show. Well I lived Chatham at 07:00, and got into Ramsgate at 08:30. And got to the Manston International at 09:00, and started to queue in the cold and wet. By the time I got into the venue I took a few pics of the static. And made my way to the flight line to get a space. All was going well until it was time for the Vulcan's display slot when I got pushed out of the way so people could get there shots. All in all a good day, just the weather could have been better, and the entry and exits better organised.

Now onto the shots of the day. They're not very good as the camera was set up wrong.